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Reports and Presentation Slides

If you would like, you can view the written report our group submitted, and the slides that were presented to the class.

Written Report

Google Docs PDF

Presentation Slides


Data Files

Master Data Frame

Contains data released by Mickaël Mouillé on Kaggle licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

R Data File

Source Code

Data Cleaning

Here is the R code we used to do preliminary cleanup of the data set.



Chase made a number of visualizations for the project, which are also seen in the paper and presentation slides.

Barplot of Number of Projects by Year.R
Barplot of Success Rate by Country.R
Boxplot of Goal and Pledged Amount.R
Scatterplot of Failed and Successful Projects over Time.R
Scatterplot of Total Backers by Year.R
Scatterplot of Total Goal and Pledged by Year.R
Treemap of Totals.R

Additional Data Scraper

This is the program we used to grab additional data from Kickstarter using the existing project names and ID numbers from our Kaggle data. To be able to make an appropriate request, the scraper itself is implemented in Python and is called from R using the rPython package.

The Python program uses a Virtualenv, so if you are on a UNIX system, use the .tar.gz to make sure the permissions are maintained correctly.

creator_scraper Archive

.tar.gz for UNIX systems .zip for Windows systems


This set of programs generated a word cloud showing the frequency of word use in the "blurb" fields of the Kickstarter projects.


A small utility program for merging two versions of the dataframe together. While the scraping program (above) was running, other members of the group had made advancements in the dataframe, so the two branches of changes needed to be merged. This program accomplishes that.


Percent Goal App

This is the source for the model prediction app in the demo above. The archive contains the data files, all the source needed to generate the model, as well as the source code for turining it into the Shiny app itself.